Renting an apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style!  So, whether you’re a new resident at one of our developments or simply want to freshen up your space, there are plenty of clever tricks to add personality to your rental.

So, what can you do to style your apartment? Well, we’ve highlighted some of our top apartment styling tips that can help you transform your apartment.

Start with the walls

Most rentals favour neutral colours, ideal for building your own colour scheme. Removable wallpaper, any vibrant textiles, and place artwork on walls. If painting is allowed, a fresh coat of paint does wonders for transforming a room and starting a new colour scheme.

Furniture is key

Let your furniture do the talking! Select pieces showcasing your style, whether mid-century modern, minimalist, or eclectic. If you live in a small space, you can prioritise multi-functional items. Think footstools with built in storage, sofa-beds, or nesting tables that tuck away when not in use.

Use textures

Build warmth with a combination of textures: plush throws, chunky knit blankets, velvet cushions, woven rugs.  The interplay of materials breaks up visual monotony and adds dimension.  Indoor plants bring natural elements and a boost of life to any corner.


Overhead fixed lights aren’t always your first option when renting. Instead, create a softer ambiance with floor lamps, table lamps adorned with interesting shades, or strategically placed fairy lights. Switching out those cold-tone bulbs for a warmer white also makes a huge difference.

Reflect your story

This is where it gets personal! Display meaningful possessions – framed photographs, travel souvenirs, cherished artwork. Curating small collections on shelves or grouped on a side table transforms the space into a reflection of who you are.

Optimise the outdoors

A balcony or patio can be a major bonus when renting an apartment. If you have the  privilege of an outdoor space, turn it into your little escape, with weather-resistant bistro sets, cosy throws, string lights, and a patterned outdoor rug. Container gardening adds vibrant greenery, even if space is limited.

Removable decor is your friend

Temporary solutions can be a renter’s best friend! Things like wall decals and adhesive hooks allow you to introduce playful design without any damage. They are also nice and easy to remove when it’s time to move to take them down.

The power of mirrors

You can strategically place mirrors to reflect light. Mirrors help bounce light around which can make a room feel instantly airier and larger. Hanging an oversized statement mirror or creating a mirrored gallery wall with mismatched finds is both stylish and functional.

Storage with style

Hide clutter in plain sight! Invest in attractive baskets, decorative boxes, and fabric-covered storage bins. These double as decor elements, maintaining your overall apartment design while keeping things organised.

Temporary is fun

Embrace the freedom of renting! If you love a bold colour or unusual pattern, try it out with a removable wallpaper accent wall (Peel & Paper sell a range of removable wallpaper) or a brightly painted piece of thrifted furniture. Not being tied down lets you experiment!

Utilise command strips

These damage-free wonders are essential for hanging artwork, lightweight shelving, coat hangers. You can invest in a variety of sizes to tackle different projects, they are easily available on Amazon or any DIY shop.

Upcycle & repurpose

Give tired furniture a new lease on life with a coat of paint or by reupholstering a dated armchair. Scour thrift stores for unique pieces that can be transformed into one-of-a-kind additions to your home.

Curtains & Blinds

Swap out the standard issue blinds and invest in some curtains or blinds that match your style.

The added length and softness from curtains can contribute to a more luxurious feel. Hang them high and wide around the window frame to make the room feel larger.

Rug Rotation

Rotating rugs between different rooms is a great way to mix things up, offering a new look with no extra cost. A rug moved from the bedroom to the living space might spark a whole new colour scheme inspiration!

Green thumb power

Plants are living decor!  A collection of leafy house plants or a small fragrant herb garden introduces natural elements, purifies the air, and adds pops of vibrancy. A Snake plant is a super easy plant to look after and is great at removing toxins from the air. However, if you value looks more, a Peace Lily blooms beautifully and provides fragrance as well.

Vertical space

Make use of that often-overlooked vertical space. Install removable floating shelves to display favourite books, plants, or small decorative items. This draws the eye upwards and can create the illusion of a taller room.

Textiles as art

Don’t underestimate the power of fabrics! Frame a beautiful patterned scarf or a piece of vintage textile to create unique and inexpensive artwork. This will save you money and can look great if done correctly!

Room Scents

Engage your sense of smell! Scented candles, reed diffusers, or incense can make your apartment feel extra cosy and inviting. Choose scents that match the season or create a relaxing atmosphere.

Seasonal swaps

Keep things fresh by rotating decor with the seasons. Change out cushion covers, artwork, throws, and small accents to reflect the time of year.

Break up your rooms

Create designated “zones” within your apartment to break up the space. A comfy armchair in a corner with a small side table, a floor lamp, and a fluffy rug instantly transforms into a cosy reading nook.

Hide radiators

Sometimes radiator units can make a room look a little dull. To hide them there are a range of things you could use, like a shoe rack, a sofa, or even a specific radiator cover.