Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions about renting with Folio. We aim to cover everything from moving in to maintenance, payments, and more. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Renting with Folio London

I am in receipt of Housing Benefits, can I still rent with Folio London?

Yes, you can still rent with us if you are receiving Housing Benefits. You’ll need a guarantor based in The United Kingdom that can pass our referencing checks. For further information, please see “affordability“, “satisfactory landlord reference” and “credit checks” sections on this page.

*Please note, Folio reserves the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

Are Folio London an agent?

No. Folio London are a Private Landlord, working specifically within the Build To Rent sector. We own all of our properties.

Folio London are also involved in philanthropy, as profits made are invested back into creating affordable homes through Notting Hill Genesis, the wider housing association we are part of.

Tenant Referencing and Criteria

How do Folio reference our Tenants?

We instruct a third party company, Goodlord, to undertake our referencing checks. Goodlord will contact your referees and ask you to provide certain documentation as part of this process.

You will be asked to submit your tenancy application on Goodlord. This includes providing your personal information so that you can be referenced. Signing of tenancy agreements and payment of any monies which are due before you move-in are also managed within the Goodlord platform.

Goodlord also carry out open banking checks which is a way to simply and securely obtain transactional and financial data to further support our affordability checks. All occupants will be referenced before the move-in can take place.

For further information on our checks, please see “Credit Checks“, “Satisfactory Landlord Reference” and “Right To Rent Status” sections below.

*Please note, Folio reserve the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

What is Folio’s referencing criteria for Tenants?

Please see “Affordability” section on this page.

What is Folio’s referencing criteria for Guarantors?

Please see “Affordability” section on this page


Each applicant (if not a couple or family) must earn 2.5 times the annual rent (30 x monthly rent), be in full time employment and not in a probationary period.


Have a guarantor who earns 3 times the annual rent share (36x monthly rent) and is a UK homeowner.

Please note:

  • If no guarantor provided there is an option to pay up to the break clause or for the whole tenancy. (This is on a case-by-case basis and subject to management approval).
  • If applicant is self-employed, they must be able to provide a self-assessment tax return for at least one year.
  • If applicant is a student, they would need to provide a guarantor or can pay up to the break clause in advance (subject to managers approval).

*Please note, Folio reserve the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

Satisfactory Landlord Reference

Folio London must receive a satisfactory landlord reference from each applicant with no outstanding grievance from the previous landlord concerning:

  • The inability to meet rental obligations i.e., payment of rent,
  • Adherence to tenancy agreement,
  • ASB
  • Upkeep of the property

*Please note, Folio reserve the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

Credit checks

To pass credit checks, you must:

  • Have no CCJs or history of Bankruptcy.
  • Be on the Electoral Roll (if not from overseas).

If you have a previous CCJ and declare it and/or if CCJ is paid off with proof (court reference number provided) then subject to approval, we may accept with guarantor or payment upfront.

*Please note, Folio reserve the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

Right to Rent Status

Each applicant must be able to provide the proof of the right to rent status. To prove this you will need the following:

  • Valid passport/ Identity Card/ other identification
  • Proof of address
  • Visa/ letter from home office (if applicable)
  • Share code for verification via online government website.

*Please note, Folio reserve the right to make a decision outside of these referencing parameters that we have set.

Financial Responsibilities – Bills & Utilities

How do I find out information regarding bills, paying rent, repairs etc?

You will receive a Welcome Pack from your Property Manager when you move in which will outline everything you need to know about your estate and property.

You can use our online portal to pay rent and raise a repair. Click here to visit the resident portal.

For any further queries, you can click here to find out who your Property Manager is and how to contact them.

Which utilities do I need to pay and are utilities included in the rent?

Utilities are not included in your rent payments. You will typically need to pay any energy bills which may include, but are not limited to, water, electricity, gas and heat. Council tax is also payable unless you are a student, in which case you can apply for exemption via the local authority. You will also need to arrange any personal subscriptions such as broadband or TV.

How much will I need to pay for council tax?

Council tax bands vary from unit to unit. You can check your council tax band using the following link: Council Tax Bands

Is Furniture included?

Where furniture is offered with an apartment, this is included without further charge. Our units come ‘as-seen’ and any requests for additional furniture or removal of existing furniture will need to be submitted at the time of making an offer.

How do I enquire about furniture, parking etc before I move in?

You can call 020 3815 0980 which will connect you with a member of our Lettings Team

Alternatively, you can click here to find out how to contact your Lettings Negotiator.

Maintenance and Issues

I have a maintenance issue, who should I contact?

Please contact your designated Property Manager directly for all non-urgent maintenance issues.

Ending Your Tenancy

I want to surrender my tenancy how do I do this?

You will need to serve formal written notice in line with your break clause, directly to your Property Manager. All notice should be served in line with your rent due date.