Folio x David Phillips

Welcome to our “Makeover Special,” a unique collaboration between Folio and David Phillips that brings a new twist to apartment transformations. In this exclusive 3-part video series, you’ll follow the journey of Arianne Bryan, a Folio resident, as she wins an apartment makeover courtesy of David Phillips, one of the UK’s leading interior design and furniture provider.

Discover how Arianne’s impressive audition tape led to this exciting opportunity, and join her as she experiences the thrill of a complete home transformation. From brainstorming design ideas to the grand reveal, you’re invited to witness every step of the makeover process.

Whether you’re a Folio resident, a design enthusiast, or simply curious about what it takes to create a dream living space, these videos will inspire and entertain you. Ready to get started? Watch the series below!

We Have A Winner

Nicola, Project Manager at David Phillips reached out to Folio resident, Arianne Bryan, who’d sent an impressive audition tape to win an exclusive apartment makeover, courtesy of David Phillips. Nicola met with Arianne to brainstorm ideas and get a better idea of Arianne’s personal tastes and requirements.

Makeover Day

It’s makeover day! Arianne is out of her apartment, so Nicola and some of the David Phillips Team step in. Nicola has her sleeves rolled up and is ready to get started with this huge transformation!

Same Home, New Look

The makeover is done! David Phillips and Folio are excited to show Arianne the finished transformation and have arranged a small party to celebrate!